FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Can one check be written for several bills?

Yes, there is NO limit. One check can be written for multiple parcels with multiple names, as long as the addition is correct.

Do you accept postmarks?


I didn’t receive a tax bill. Do I have to pay penalty and interest?

Yes, State Law provides that failing to send or receive a tax bill does not affect the validity of the tax, penalty, or interest.

I mailed my payment from the post office at midnight on November 1, why do I pay interest?

 Because we work by the date we RECEIVE the bill, not postmark as stated on the back of your tax bill.

I received a Personal Property bill; however, I sold my property. Am I responsible for this bill?

Yes. Personal Property tax is assessed and is the responsibility of the owner of record as of January 1st of the previous calendar year.

If I lost my bill or never received a bill, can I or a Tax Service send in payment?

Yes, you DO NOT need a bill to pay by mail. Just indicate the property identifying information on your check. - Property location, name of owner, map number. You will need your bill number to Pay online – please call the Collector’s office if you do not know it and we will supply it.

Is there a grace period for paying my Real Estate Tax bill?

No, the final date to pay is the due date that appears on your bill. Postmarks cannot be accepted! We must receive the payment by the due date for it to be considered a timely payment.

What is CPA?

Community Preservation Act. Owners of real property will be annually assessed, an additional surtax in an amount equal to three percent of the real estate tax levied against those properties. The proceeds of this surtax maybe expended, upon appropriation, for certain open space, historic resources and affordable housing purposes.