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The Treasurer/Collector's Office is responsible for managing municipal finances which includes depositing, investing, and dispersing municipal funds as well as managing banking services and the issuance of debt. The Office also manages personnel files and payroll along with managing employee benefits. The Office performs administrative, supervisory, and technical work in connection with the collection of all taxes due in the town. 


Tax Biling Overview

Please be aware that by Massachusetts State Law ALL tax bills are due on or before the due date listed on the bill. Allow for mailing time, bills are considered paid on the date they are received by the Tax Office we DO NOT go by postmark. By state law, interest is charged on any and all late payments - even bills that have never been received.

Please e-mail or call the Collector's Office to request a copy of the bill.

Please notify the Assessor's Office if your mailing address has changed or you are a new property owner. We can update the mailing address for real estate, personal property, and water/sewer tax bills. The mailing address for motor vehicle excise tax bills must be changed through the Registry of Motor Vehicles. 


Service Fees

  • Demand Fee: $10.00
  • MLC Fee: $25.00


Payment Options


Stockbridge partners with Unipay to offer online payment of real estate, personal property, sewer/water, and excise bills online via the Unipay portal: unipaygold.unibank.comA new feature offered through Unipay lets accountholders set up notifications so that they will be informed when new bills become available. Payment history is retained for 2 years if you have an account and are logged in when paying.

Cash is accepted in person Monday-Friday 9am-4pm at town hall however change is not available so please bring exact cash/change. DO NOT mail cash.

Check or Bank Check

Please make out your check to “Town of Stockbridge”. When writing your check be sure to use only blue or black ink, write clearly, and be sure to sign your check. If you are using your bank’s bill pay feature or not sending your remittance slip with payment, please make sure to reference your bill number, bill year, and type of bill in the memo. If I am unable to identify the bill you are attempting to pay, your payment will be returned. (i.e.   2024 Real Estate #758)

Stockbridge is partnering with Lighthouse to offer a lockbox service so future payments can be mailed to:

Town of Stockbridge 

Department 2800

PO Box 986535

Boston, MA 02298-6535


It is preferred that payments are sent to the lockbox mailing address above however you may still mail or drop checks off at Town Hall. Please note that any mail addressed to “50 Main Street” may be returned to you as undeliverable you MUST include “PO Box 417” in the address:     

Town of Stockbridge

            Attn: Tax Collector

            PO Box 417

            50 Main Street

            Stockbridge, MA 01262


Drop Box

There is a drop box by the front door and one by the back entrance that payments may be left in after hours. 


Donations for the Elderly & Disabled Fund and/or the Scholarship & Education Fund can be made anytime of the year by mailing, dropping off payments, or donating online through the Unipay portal: unipaygold.unibank.comYou may also increase your tax payment and note which fund the donation should go towards on the remittance stub.


Real Estate & Personal Property Tax

Stockbridge bills semi-annual for real estate and personal property taxes.

The due dates are generally on 11/1 and on 5/1.

New Owners: Please be aware that the real estate bill will be issued in care of you however the previous owner's name will remain on the bill for at least 1 year as required by Massachusetts General Law Chapter 59, Section 11.

Note: Personal property is assessed as of January 1st of each bill and is billed in areas. Personal property is assessed as 2% of the building value. (i.e. The assessed owner on January 1, 2023 will be responsible for payment of the entire fiscal year of 2024. At the end of the fiscal year 2024 (June 30, 2024) the personal property account will be deleted from the billing system and no future bills will be issued).


Sewer & Water Tax 

Stockbridge bills semi-annual for sewer/water taxes.

A final read can be obtained by e-mailing: dpw [at] or calling 413-298-5506.


Motor Vehicle Excise Tax

Motor vehicle excise taxes are billed annually and usually sent out at the beginning of the year. If the bill remains unpaid after the due date, a demand notice is sent. After the demand notice is sent and the bill is still unpaid, we transfer the responsibility of collection to our Deputy Tax Collector – Kelley & Ryan who then sends out a warrant to collect. Once we transfer the responsibility of collection, we can no longer accept payments. The payments must either be made online through Kelley & Ryan City Hall Systems ( or sent to their office:

 Kelley & Ryan Deputy Tax Collector
 P.O. Box 203
 Milford, MA 01757


Meals & Rooms Tax Information

Meals Tax Effective date was 10/1/15  Local Tax Option Effective Dates & Rates (

Rooms Tax Effective date was 10/1/21 Room Tax & Impact Fee Effective Dates & Rates (


Staff Contacts

Town Treasurer/Collector
413-298-4170 Ext. 253

PO Box 417
50 Main Street
Stockbridge, MA 01262
United States

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